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We understand traveling to a new place and figuring out where to stay can be stressful. That’s why we’re here...!



It all started with the name… we knew a place with a name like Margarita couldn’t disappoint!

We loved this place! If you visit Santorini and have no clue where to stay, the Margarita Hotel is a great location! You can avoid the high prices and busyness of the Island, but still be within a reasonable driving distance of the city!  It is also in walking distance of great restaurants and has some amazing ocean views!

 … not to mention the whole aesthetic of the hotel was awesome and the staff was so kind. They have a great pool set up with a bar that serves lunch and drinks!  The chicken souvlaki by the pool was 10/10!

Go check out their site here!

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This hotel is a great option if you're visiting the island. It is very close to the ton center with tons of options for food, nightlife, and lots of shopping!  Our favorite part about this hotel was the view from the rooftop...UNREAL! You have the perfect 360 view of Mykonos to watch the sunset each night. Some of the rooms here also have spacious balconies with comfy lounge couches. It was the perfect spot for our group to have dance parties before going out!

Go check out their site here!

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